Sunday, December 20, 2009

Anything but Boring!

For all I know, there isn't a soul in the world reading this.
But I've got stories to tell and places I've been. It can't stay bottled up forever.

My family is from everywhere. Or nearly everywhere. My mother grew up between South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, and Singapore - returning to her native Alberta, Canada only on furloughs. We kids tell our friends we were raised by a Korean. My father spent time in Alaskan wilderness, Malaysian jungles, New York slums, Hong Kong high risers, and half a dozen locations in between.
As for siblings - there are quite a few of us. My three sisters and youngest brother came straight out of the aftermath of Ceausescu's Romania. My other brother hails from Canada. I am the only one born in the United States. That makes six. All of us were adopted. There is a miracle story behind each and every one. When God brings a family together, He doesn't choose easy or blase ways to do it.
My parents have the best love story! They've been married 35 years now. I have the most amazing brothers and sisters! Like I said - we can't possibly be boring with a story like ours.
But more later . . .

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  1. Don't stop now... keep going it is just getting interesting!!!